12th August, 2012


lh_smidiin external is a new version of lh_midin that outputs a stream of ints instead of formatted lists.

Download lh_smidiinV1.00.zip - 10KB


10th August, 2012


lh_midin/lh_midiout externals for expanded midi integration in Ableton Live (requires Max4Live).

It was brought to my attention that when using multiple identical midi devices (eg 2 x Launchpads), these externals became a little erratic. Requires Max6 or later

This latest update should cure that :-

Download lh_midiinoutV1.03.zip - 20KB


The older versions are here. Requires Max5 or later :-

Download lh_midiinoutV1.02.zip - 17KB


Ableton Live Midi Remote Script for Mackie C4 Midi Controller :-

Download MackieC4v1.0.zip - 66KB